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Time for a New Cook Book?

Time for a New Cook Book?
Saturday, September 8, 2007
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Listening to: Sheryl Crowe- I am a bitch, I am a lover

Thinking about: A large cup of Costa Rican Coffee

It is that time of the month when I feel I need new recipes. I know what caused the feeling this time, Its the new TV show Nigella Express where Nigella Lawson cooks fantastic food in minutes, I only saw one episode and I am hooked on it. She made a delicious looking pork and mustard steak which looked mouth-watering even though I am not that keen on pork.

I think I like Nigella’s cooking not just because the food looks great but also maybe because deep down I hope if I cook like Nigella I may end up looking like Nigella:-) She makes the whole thing look so effortless and enjoyable, she does not worry about cream and calories and its like she is telling us its ok to enjoy food, to deep fry squids and make triple cream cheese cakes. NIGELLA EXPRESS is on my amazon wish list.

I really enjoy Nigel Slater’s cooking too and end up watching his cooking programs on UK tv food for hours (I need a life outside food, I know) Slater’s cooking is simple and unpretentious. His recipes do not require expensive fancy ingredients and he is very much into using local produce and seasonal cooking. I have The Kitchen Diaries and I find it so inspirational, so full of great ideas and combinations of ingredients. Nigel’s web page looks great too, well worth book marking.

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Time for another snack

Time for another snack
Friday, September 7, 2007
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Listening to: Freaks- The Creeps

Thinking about: Making cheesy mushrooms on toast for lunch

I eat far too much now that I am staying at home. This is probably one of the main reasons why I don’t want to become a housewife EVER. Having said that I am loving the freedom at the moment. I go to sleep late, wake up late  and ponder around the kitchen, admiring the cabinet space and the big fridge( and its not even that big).While at work you don’t get a chance to become hungry or even if you do feel hungry you have to wait for your tea break ( if it ever comes that is!).

Up until two weeks ago, I was so used to running up three flights, eating my apple and running down again, all in 2 minutes to take the next patient into the surgery. Now I eat almost every hour and I don’t even consider a healthy snack like apple these days, a cup of tea and a pack of sweet “go ahead” snacks is as healthy as it gets! However we did work hard for two-three days while in the process of moving to the new place and I sure have burned a few calories but that was almost 10 days ago and I’m not sure how long I can use that excuse to justify my over eating habit!
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A Very Orange Penne!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
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Listening to: Marron5- Wakeup call

Thinking about: Eating left over penne and carrot salad for lunch

I’ve left it too late to cook anything properly last night! I was too busy sorting out a new set of recipes called “Student recipes” which is coming soon!

Anyway.. Decided to make some Penne with one of those readymade sauces you get in a jar which I rarely use. This was a bacon and tomato pasta sauce with a strangely bright orange colour which wasn’t quite evident when I bought it two days ago!! The orange pasta reminded me that I wouldn’t even think about eating any of these pasta sauces 5-6 years ago and it just shows how much you adapt to new foods especially when on a tighter budget(bought this for 77 pence)However, I must say I quite like the Indian readymade sauces especially those from Loyd Grossman, especially Madras sauce which you just add to the fried lamb and your sorted:-)

We had the “Orange Penne” as I like to call it, with a carrot salad which also had some grated apple, shredded lettuce and fresh spinach leaves in it. I am planning to warm it up for lunch today so I suppose it wasn’t that bad after all..

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