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Entries for September 2007

A Sunday's Thing: Things That Made Me Happier This Week

A Sunday's Thing: Things That Made Me Happier This Week
Sunday, September 16, 2007
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Listening to: Justin Timberlake_ Sexy back

Thinking about: Justin Timberlake obviously!!

This is going to be a new feature on this blog. I am going to write about all the things that made me smile or feel better about life in general. Thats apart from living with E (How cheesy is that?:-) Anyway I’ll be writing about all sort of stuffs but knowing me it would probably contains a lots of stuff to do with food, music and TV. So here we go:

  • Joining Foodie Blogroll and meeting loads of passionate food lovers and finding out about some very interesting food blogs.
  • Tidying my music library finally and filling my all time favourite songs into one single file.
  • The new series on living TV called Men In Trees with Ann Heche as Marin and James Tupper as the super cool Jack. I love watching it and you have to forgive me but I very much prefer it to sex and the city.
  • Receiving the much awaited induction letter from University which means I am going to Uni on Monday:-)
  • Cooking the traditional Persian meal (zereshk polo morgh, recipe coming soon) .This brought back sweet memories from childhood.
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Yoga and Foodie Blogroll

Yoga and Foodie Blogroll
Saturday, September 15, 2007
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Listening to: Police_ Roxanne

Thinking about: Scramble eggs with cream

I got very excited about Yoga few months ago. I’ve had this back ache for a good few years now and its work related, mainly due to standing for long hours in a bad posture! Anyway, couple of people suggested yoga for this type of back ache and I decided to give it a go. After researching for a bit on the net, I bought Yoga Journal's Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden and a yoga mat from ebay and I was set to go. I watched the DVD once before doing any of the exercises and thought to myself this is easy, I mean how hard can it be? Its about an hour of different stretches with relaxing music. Patricia’s instructions are also helpful even though she says things like “soften your eyes” and “use your front thigh muscle to lift your kneecap” which frankly does not mean anything to me!

Now I exercise regularly, go to Gym twice a week and play Badminton most weeks, so I am not that unfit but let me tell you Yoga is hard work. Those simple stretches (Dog Pose, Proud Warrior..) are not easy. As it is the case with me and any type of routine, I did yoga two or three times back then and the yoga kit sat in the corner of the room until yesterday.  We (E & I) decided to do a bit of yoga yesterday as our Gym membership has not gone through yet. After rearranging furniture in the living room we started the exercise and I have to admit I quite enjoyed it and probably do it again today.

I am also the new proud member of Foodie Blogroll as of today. I like to thank The leftover Queen for her passion and effort in organising the blogroll. The Foodie blogroll contains a list of food blogs and cooking web sites and helps to bring food enthusiasts together.

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Greasy Yet Delicious;-)

Greasy Yet Delicious;-)
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
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Listening to: Scott Miles talking about Flirt Divert!!

Thinking about: Cooking something healthy for dinner!

We had the greasiest food possible in the H household last night! I fried the lamb mince with onions and turmeric as planned and was enjoying the smell of fried meat when I noticed the layer of fat on top of the mince! From then on until the food was ready and on the table I was thinking of solutions mainly in the form of other ingredients to disguise the grease! I put 4 chopped potatoes, 400 g of mushrooms and a tin of chopped tomatoes and there was still enough oil to fry four eggs!

To those of you who don’t know my Hubby, he is horrified at the sight of even a drop of fat so last night I had to watch him sit opposite me at the table looking at the food disapprovingly and slightly disgusted after warning me that he would probably suffer all sort of tummy problems after eating the meal. By this time I was feeling guilty and slightly pissed off, so I offered to make him a cup soup and some salads but he insisted on eating stuffed peppers with mince and the pasta which frankly looked irresistible if you ask me! Now there is a question for you, how do you reduce the fat from minced meat apart from mixing it with other ingredients as I have already tried that trick and it didn’t work? All suggestions are welcomed.

 It goes without saying I really enjoyed the food and planning to eat the left over next time E is away, it makes a good substitute to my usual pan fried steak and creamy mash potatoes.

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