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Italian pill to help dieters

Saturday, June 30, 2007
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Italian scientists came up with a new tool to control obesity while researching on nappy liners! The powdery pill which is made of cellulose, expands in the stomach when taken with a glass of water and can stop hunger for a few hours.

Professor Luigi Ambrosio, lead researcher in Italy’s National Research Council, suggests that the hydro gel has a similar effect to gastric banding. Professor Ambrosio compared the effect of the pill to having a bowl of spaghetti and recommends that pill should be taken about half an hour before meal times. Dieters can still have their meal but only need small portions.

Dr David Haslam, clinical director of the National Obesity Forum said there had been products around for many years which had tried to produce a feeling of fullness.

"The theory has been tried and tested in the past but it's not been that successful. We'd need much bigger trials but it's a reasonable enough idea. However, it would have to be given with the appropriate nutritional advice; you can't live on such tablets."

The pill which does not have a name yet, have already been tested on 20 people but the results of a much bigger trial is expected in October and the product may be launched in May 2008.

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Alli diet can cause accidents!

Sunday, June 24, 2007
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Alli is the new diet pill which can be purchased over the counter. It is the first of this kind of drugs to be approved by FDA. GlaxoSmithKline which is launching the multimillion campaign for Alli, However warns the consumers to have an extra pant handy when using Alli as it can cause leakage!

Alli, a lower dose version of the prescription drug Xenical is not an appetite suppressant. It prevents the gastrointestinal system from absorbing 25 percent of the fat a person consumes. If a person eats more than the recommended 15 percent of fat a day,they may experience cramps and escape of fat grams! Some of the consumers argue that this can work as a much needed incentive to make them stick to their diet plans.

Alli is coming to the market with a companion book, “The Alli Diet Plan” which includes more than 200 diet recipes. GlaxoSmithKline hopes to reduce the number of Alli dropouts by including with each $50 starter kit a weight-loss journal and a calorie and fat counter. In addition, the company is sponsoring an online behavioural support program. GlaxoSmithKline argues that people who use Alli loos about 50 percent more weight than those who only follow fat and calorie reduced diets. Alli and Xenical have been proven to be safer than many other appetite suppressants which can damage heart and kidney.

Critics argue that people mainly loos weight by following the detailed diet plan and recipes which comes with Alli. Dr. Carla Wolper of the New York Obesity Research Centre says Alli offers dieters a slight edge, but permanent change comes from a change in attitude and behaviour.

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Pill to replace Insulin injection

Friday, June 22, 2007
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