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Entries for February 2008

Sunday Afternoon Baking

Sunday Afternoon Baking
Monday, February 25, 2008
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Since I’ve decided to lose a bit of a weight before our holiday mid March, my craving for sugary and fatty food has increased a lot, typical isn’t it?:-) So yesterday I finally gave up and decided to bake something very sweet and I am glad I did as the resulting cake turned out much better than expected.

I looked in my Slater book for inspiration and found a recipe for Plum cake. Since I didn’t have some of the ingredients needed in the recipe including fresh plums, I went for canned peaches and had to replace most of what was needed such as golden sugar and ground almond and came up with my own version.


Peach slices sank into the cake as it start to bake.


The cake was soft inside and crunchy outside, moist and sweet. Coupled with a nice cup of tea, it was all we needed on a Sunday afternoon:-)

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Semi-Healthy Curry

Semi-Healthy Curry
Saturday, February 16, 2008
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I had the strongest craving for something Indian today. I can eat curry most days but I have to maintain a balance in my cooking and I don’t think E would have appreciated curry every day. Another reason for not cooking curry dishes is that I like to have mine with rice. Now rice is wonderful and I love it to bits but it tends to go all into my tummy and stays there in the form of a layer of fat so I try not to have rice more than say twice a month.

Anyway, I’ve been suffering from a sore throat and a cold which meant I spend most of yesterday in bed and didn’t feel like cooking. I woke up this morning and was going through foodie blogroll as you do first thing in the morning:-) and came across a couple of curry recipes and it brought back all the good memories:-) so I am opting for this potato curry which means we don’t have to have rice with it and some crunchy spicy green beans to go with it. I used Greek yogurt in curry but you can substitute it with double cream if you like. I think the best combination is half thick yogurt and half cream. The food turned out nicely. It was not heavy at all and went down well without any need for rice.

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