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Entries for November 2007

Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes
Sunday, November 11, 2007
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I was browsing food blogs in my SDL (Self Directed Learning) time which is meant to be allocated to study various embryonic, pathogenic and histological things related to Dentistry:) but i was (still am) being lazy and was looking for a good cupcake recipe to try. At the same time I wanted something on a healthier side as am trying to lose a bit of weight before Christmas. I was hoping to avoid the classic equal amounts of sugar, flour and butter and find a recipe with less butter and sugar and ifound it on Two Fat Als blog where milk is used instead of half the butter. Genius:-)

I made some changes to the recipe and used a handful of raisins and some nutty dark chocolates in place of sugar.

The cupcakes turn out ok, they smelled wonderful, like vanilla and chocolate and E and I really liked them. Couple of my friends at Uni tried them and said they were too dry and probably needed a bit more butter, however I think they tasted good for the amount of fat and saturated carbohydrate that went into them:-)


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A Sweet Treat

A Sweet Treat
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
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Listening to: Mark Ronson- Diversion

Thinking about: Sweets

This is one of the easiest and tastiest desserts I’ve ever made. I don’t do desserts really. If I have any space left in my stomach after dinner (Which doesn’t happen very often), I usually eat ice cream (nutty magnum or Vanilla Cornish) or If it’s too cold just a cup of tea with some dark chocolate! So this was a treat mainly for E who loves any food that even remotely reminds him of his Mum’s cooking:-) Actually I had to ask him for directions as it was the first time I was cooking it. The recipe is very simple, all you need is a small Butternut squash, some sugar, oil and a few threads of saffron for that glorious taste and colour. I like mine very sweet but you can put as much sugar as you like as long as you cook it enough for a nice thick syrup to form. The first time I had Butternut squash this way, it was served with the main dish which was a traditional sour cherry rice and I loved the combination of super sweet butternut and cooked sour cherries, However as a dessert it can be served on its own or with vanilla ice creams.

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